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DNIPRO - protects life
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"DNIPRO" GEN 2 is a second-generation hemostatic tourniquet that can stop life-threatening bleeding of the lower and upper extremities. This is an indispensable item that everyone should have just in case.  Designed to work in all weather conditions.


Product overview: 

  • Buckle with notches for securely fixing the belt and stopper (made of metal fittings that can withstand extreme physical activity);
  • External and internal sling (synthetic fiber strap);
  • A platform with a clip that allows you to securely fix the stopper (gate) (durable but flexible plastic);
  • Upper Velcro that fixes the sling, stopper in the final position and has the ability to apply information about the time of tourniquet application (textile fastener made of synthetic fiber);
  • Velcro fastener, which allows you to apply the tourniquet to a wide range of limb sizes and securely fix the sling in the required state (textile fastener made of synthetic fiber);
  •  Universal Velcro that works even when wet, icy, and in the presence of various kinds of contaminants (bio and technical liquids, soil, grass, etc.);
  • The turnstile has a mark to record the time of use.



  • Open length: 94 cm
  • Width: 4 cm
  • Manufacturer: TQ Dnipro
  • Country of origin: Ukraine (Dnipro)
  • Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture. After unpacking, store in a closed first aid kit or pouch.
  • Color: black



The principle of operation of a tourniquet is that it creates pressure around a damaged artery or vein, which prevents further bleeding. The tourniquet is placed above the level of the wound and tightened until it blocks the blood flow. Thus, the tourniquet prevents blood from leaving the damaged vessel and creates conditions for stopping bleeding.

However, it is important to remember that the tourniquet should not be left in place for more than 1-2 hours, as prolonged use can lead to tissue damage and impaired blood supply to the limbs. Therefore, the use of a hemostatic tourniquet should be accompanied by constant monitoring of the victim's condition and immediate medical attention.

The product is laboratory tested, has been tested in difficult conditions and has valid quality certificates.

Hemostatic tourniquet "DNIPRO"

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Все пройшло успішно. Рекомендую.
Купував вже велику кількість таких турникетів бійцям, поки що жодного негативного відгуку. Останнім часом бійці навіть сами просять саме "Дніпро"
Прекрасний турнікет. Чудово працює. Нічим не гірший турнікету САТ (на який випущено дуже багато підробок). Взяв і собі в аптечку і на передову хлопцям. Брав ці турнікети не одноразово.
Швидко доствили, продукція якісна.
Все добре, як завжди. Беру не перший раз
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