Contacts of the press service

Contact information of the press center:
Press secretary: Oleksandr Skrypchenko
Phone: +380675116622

What information we can provide to the media

  • Open data on the company's activities.
  • Comments on market changes, including our own analytics.
  • Special events held by the company.
  • Other information relevant to stakeholders.


Information provision policy

Coordination of work with the media is carried out only through the press service using the specified contacts.
Inquiries from the media are accepted only by e-mail.
The responsible employee of the press service decides whether to accept or refuse the media request within two hours of receipt and notifies the media in writing. The reason for the refusal may be the lack of data on the request or the speaker, commercial secrecy, conflict of interest or irrelevance of the request to the company's activities.
If a decision is made to satisfy a media request, the responsible press officer provides the information in writing or accompanies the journalist's interview with the speaker. The press service employees are representatives of the company's speakers and have the right to receive and coordinate data and quotes on their behalf.