Human life is the highest value! We are working to provide our defenders, rescuers, ambulance doctors and all conscious citizens with the means to save lives in critical situations.

For many years, our company has been manufacturing high quality products from various types of synthetic materials.

Since the first day of the full-scale invasion, we have focused our competencies, investments and production capacities on the production of emergency supplies.

Using our production capacity, equipment and specialists, we developed and launched mass production of the DNIPRO hemostatic tourniquet. Thanks to the created design, implemented technological process and modern materials, after behavioral research, the DNIPRO tourniquet is functional, reliable, durable and easy to use. The design of the tourniquet and materials allow for quick application of the tourniquet, even during self-help in extreme conditions and without additional traumatic effects on the limb, reliably stopping and holding massive bleeding.

The DNIPRO tourniquet has undergone extensive testing. Its convenience and reliability have been recognized by doctors, experts and defenders of Ukraine. Our employees undergo a two-month training and internship to ensure quality in the production of each tourniquet. Quality control takes place at all stages of production.

You can be sure that the Dnipro tourniquet works 100% when used properly. 

The Dnipro tourniquet is included in the NATO catalog with NATO Stock Number 6515-61-017-6778. 

The company and our products are included in the European database of medical devices EUDAMED (

Our products are marked in the EU Declaration of Conformity in accordance with Annex IV of the Medical Device Regulation (, have received marketing authorization in the EU (, a certificate of the Quality Management System in Medicine (, and a certificate from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register ( 

Our goal is to provide you with the best tools to survive on the battlefield when you need them most. Currently, the company produces 12 types of emergency medical supplies and combat equipment.

We are proud to help save the lives of our defenders and provide them with comfortable equipment.